Sabbath Bible

Extra reading on the Sabbath Truth

The following Extra Material contains more detail on the “seal of God and the mark of the beast” as well as “Bible prophecy tables and Antichrist time charts” and “Sabbath and Ten Commandment scriptures” pertinent to the Sabbath and loving God and keeping His Commandments. Also included is the “Great Catholic diversion” that briefly explains how the Catholic Church changed the historical truth (Historicism) of prophecy to what is called Futurism and or Preterism, which is changing history to move events away from their true time periods to prevent people from seeing the truth. For very detailed information on this topic, read the who is the Antichrist in the Bible. If you still doubt the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath, then read “Statements made by the Catholic Church about the Sabbath.” They say that their authority stands above scripture, and so they believe they can change anything in God's word including His Commandments, which they did. Protestants correctly say that their authority is of course the Word of God.

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